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President Moon Jae In met with Chair Huguette Labelle of the IACC


President Moon Jae In met with Chair Huguette Labelle of the International Anti-Corruption Conference Council

- Five-year anti-corruption plan and anti-corruption reform for fair society will be aggressively pushed forward -

- Support will be provided in holding the International Anti-Corruption Conference in June in Seoul -


February 5, 2020

Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission

The Republic of Korea

The Republic of Korea

President Moon Jae-in met with Huguette Labelle, the Chair of the International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) Council at the main building of the Blue house on 5 February.

At the meeting, President Moon said that in 2003, as Chief of State to the President, he engaged in the preparation for the 11th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC). He added that he would give a full support for the success of the 19th IACC to be held in Seoul in Jun this year.

President Moon said, “The government alone cannot remove corruption. Cooperation with civil society organizations is critical. Civil society groups in Korea delivered citizens’ anti-corruption requests to the government and closely cooperated with the government in fighting corruption. This has helped Korea advance not just in politics and economy but also anti-corruption issue.

President Moon also noted, “In Korea, the Public-Private Council for Transparent Society consisting of public institutions, civil society organizations, and companies was launched in March 2018. The Council has worked together with various sectors of the society to make our society transparent and clean.”

He added, “It is encouraging that collaborative efforts between the government and civil society organizations led to an increase in Korea’s Corruption Perception Index (CPI).

Changes in Korea’s CPI ranking of Transparency International : 51th in 2017-> 45th in 2018-> 39th in 2019

Huguette Labelle, Chair of the IACC Council said, “the ACRC and the IACC have been closely cooperating to prepare for the IACC Seoul, which is the second time hosting the IACC in Korea. I hope that the conference could become an opportunity for the world to learn Korea’s anti-corruption achievements.”

She then expressed gratitude to Kim Geo Sung, senior secretary for civil affairs who has supported in the hosting of the IACC in Korea.

Noting that Kim prepared for the 2003 IACC Seoul form a working level perspective, President Moon said that following the 2003 IACC, civil society organizations contributed to the creation of the Corruption Prevention Act and the Korea Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Chairperson Pak Un Jong of the ACRC said, “The ACRC has been closely cooperating with the IACC Council to prepare for the 19th IACC. The 19th IACC will become an opportunity for Korea to share the country’s anti-corruption efforts and achievements with the international community and to show the world changes it has made in terms of transparency since the last conference in Seoul in 2003.”

Chairperson Pak stated that all out efforts will be made for the success of the Conference, adding “the 19th IACC will become a venue for stronger anti-corruption cooperation among governments, international organizations, civil society groups, media and companies, and also a place to attract global interest and engagement.”

President Mood mentioned, “People affected most by corruption are often in a position not be able to raise their voice. I expect the 19th IACC to convey the voices of those who are desperate to see that corruption is removed. The Conference could lead to tangible anti-corruption results through global discourse and actions.

He also expressed his trust towards Chairperson Pak Un Jong and senior secretary Kim Geo Sung for the success of the 19th conference, saying “The IACC could serve as an opportunity for the entire countries, Korea included, to become more clean and transparent place where people trust with each other.”