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Message from the Chairperson

Greetings from the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission

Pak Un Jong

Thank you for visiting the website of the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission (ACRC) of the Republic of Korea.

A new government was launched in May 2017 with a strong support from the public who aspires to a nation free from corruption. Even though Korea had been on the verge of a crisis and its global image was tarnished by the intervention in state affairs by the former president’s confidant, the entire society from the executive, legislative and judiciary branch to civil society, with its strength to fight corruption, successfully overcame the crisis in a peaceful and democratic way.

The new administration promised that it will spare no efforts to meet Korean people’s such a strong need for a transparent nation and make the country take a leap forward to become an advanced country in the area of anti-corruption.

In line with the government’s anti-corruption pledge, the ACRC will develop comprehensive and long-term anti-corruption measures and serve as a control tower in implementing and operating them.

The ACRC will strive to contribute to building a transparent government that listens to the voice of the people and better communicates with them.

We will transform ourself to a more comprehensive Ombudsman institution by integrating functions of complaint-handling, anti-corruption, administrative appeals in a more holistic way so as to address sufferings and difficulties of each and every citizen.

The ACRC will also endeavor to become an institution that can win support from the public who longs for a fair and clean society by handling complex and various social conflicts and improving wrongful practices and unreasonable system.

Finally, the ACRC will serve as a public defender that communicates with citizens through various channels by reaching out to them.

I would like to kindly ask for support to the ACRC.

Thank you

Pak Un Jong

Chairperson of the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission